Avoiding romance scams

There are many kinds of romance scams on the Internet in which criminals try to trick kind-hearted people into sending them money. These criminals use every website they can, including Facebook and Oh My Japan.

On Oh My Japan, our staff does their best to block scam accounts before scammers can send messages. However, our blocking system is not perfect, so please always exercise caution when talking to other members.

Scammer Checklist

The most point is that you should never send money to another Oh My Japan (unless you are paying them to teach you or be your tour guide). If someone you met on Oh My Japan asks you to send them money, report them immediately using the “Report abuse” link on the Messages page.

Here are some other signs that a message is from a scammer:

  • The person is from an English-speaking country (the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.), but his or her spelling and use of punctuation is extremely poor.
  • The person writes that he or she has fallen in love with you in the first message.
  • The person provides his or her email address, Skype account, or other contact information in the first message and makes a comment like, “I don’t log in here very often, so please email me.” Or, the person immediately asks for your contact information.
  • The person says he or she is from one country but working in a different country.
  • The person says he or she is coming to your country soon but something happens that prevents him or her from visiting your country.
  • The person has no close family or friends who can help him or her.

Example Scam Messages

The following messages are examples of actual scams that scammers tried to carry out on Oh My Japan.

”Male” scammer “living in the United States”

His first email
Hello Dear,
Good Morning and how are you doing today?
I was going through your profile today and it seems to be very interesting, I like your profile and I am hoping to know you better, I am requesting for your friendship and I demand your attention please feel free to respond to my message and you are free to ask whatever you wish to know about me, I wish to know you better.
Have a good day and stay blessed always.

His second email

How are you doing today? please tell me if everything is okay with you I have been so worried about you and I have always come online everyday to check if you are online and I check also to see if you have responded to my mail but I always feel bad to know that you have never responded to me after the last email that I sent to you please feel free to tell me if anything went wrong or you have decided to stop communicating with me tell me what is the problem? Have I offended you in anyway? please let me know I am really worried I can not skip your beautiful smiling face away from my heart please tell me if you are fine I really miss your messages please respond I really care and I want to get along.
Have a good Day

Signs that it’s a scam

  • The scammer says that the recipient’s profile is interesting but he does not say why.
  • The use of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling is strange and unlike a native English speaker.
  • The scammer says he is checking “every day” in the second email to see if the recipient is online. This sort of stalker behavior is not acceptable on Oh My Japan.

”Female” scammer “living in Tokyo”

Her first email

Interesting i found you, is Eunice, how are you,welcome to [email protected] share more introduction and photos I'm very sorry if i may violate your policy by intruding into your privacy,Please do not be offended I felt We could make a good friend with you. cheers.

Signs that it’s a scam

  • The scammer immediately attempts to start communication by email.
  • The scammer offers to send pictures and an introduction, but there are already pictures and an introduction in her Oh My Japan profile.

Report suspected scams to Oh My Japan support!

If you have any concerns about possible scams on Oh My Japan, please do not hesitate to contact support.

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