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Oh My Japan will end service on December 23, 2022.

For serious people who want long-lasting relationships.

Plenty of sites make it easy to quickly contact people, but most of the profiles are fake or the people are only playing games. Oh My Japan is for people who are serious.

  • People who are serious about learning Japanese
  • People who are serious about their romantic relationships
  • People who seriously believe that friendship means something

We welcome everyone who shares this goal.

What Makes Oh My Japan Unique

The following is a list of examples showing how Oh My Japan is built to give you a great experience.

Find people who share your goals, hobbies, and interests

Find and be found by people with the same goals. When you register, you select your goals: friendship, language study, romance, teaching, and/or being a tour guide (you can change these at any time). This allows you to easily find and be found by people who are looking for the same kind of relationship.


  • A man who is looking for romance but has not selected language study will not appear in language study search results.
  • A married woman who wants to do language exchange but is not interested in romance can remove all members looking for romance from her search results.

Everyone on Oh My Japan is interested in Japan, so you know you have something in common with everybody. Still, Japan is a diverse culture, and people are interested in different aspects of Japan. Oh My Japan allows you to search for people with similar Japan-related hobbies, whether your interest is bonsai, flower arrangement, cosplay, anime, or history.

Strict Rules for a Fun, Clean Community

To send messages, members must complete each section of their profile. All profiles are approved by Oh My Japan staff. Learn more about why we require members to complete their profiles.

Because of our strict rules and human touch, Oh My Japan has a strong community of compassionate, helpful people. Many sites suffer from lots of spam and annoying messages that cause their members to leave, but OMJ is a clean, fun place where people enjoy their time and have thoughtful conversations.

Duplicate accounts are blocked. We limit members to one account to prevent abuse and bad behavior. We also prevent people from closing their accounts and creating new ones; you get one account, and that's it. In real life, you only get one chance to make a good impression, so you have to act with responsibility. Oh My Japan is no different.

Sending and Receiving Messages

First messages to other members must be at least a few sentences long. This means that when you receive a message, you will get something more substantial than just "Hi. How are you?"

First messages must be unique. Cutting and pasting messages is not allowed. This ensures that each time you receive a message from another member, it is personalized to you.

Free members can start conversations with two new people per week. Because of this limit on the number of new conversations, you can be sure that people who send you a message actually want to talk to you.

See each member’s response rate on the profile. Before sending a message, you can check how often the member responds in order to guess what your chance of receiving a response will be.

Romance Features

On Oh My Japan, the romance/dating features are completely optional and only become active for your profile if you choose Romance as a goal.

Dating sites have a bad reputation, and unfortunately some of that is deserved-- there are many bad sites. Oh My Japan encourages real relationships in the following ways.

Kokuhaku button This button, which comes from a Japanese word for "sharing one’s feeling," allows a couple who met on Oh My Japan to let other OMJ members know that they are seriously dating. After both people confirm their relationship, their romance profiles are automatically closed and a message that they are now dating appears on their general profiles. Learn more about the Kokuhaku button.

Changes to goals are listed on each member’s profile. In the "Recent activity" column on each member's profile, each time that member has activated or deactivated romance search mode, a record is made which is viewable by any member. This prevents members from secretly searching for romance only when they are logged in.

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