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I just wanted to share a happy story with you: I met a lovely man on Oh My Japan in March 2016 and we recently got engaged! We live in Saitama and will get married next year.

I think your site is wonderful because it is an especially safe site for women to use. I still have my profile up as I am always open to making friends here in Japan.


I had just finished my degree and dreamed of learning a new language. By a lucky chance I came across this site. the first few weeks were a little daunting, My Japanese was obviously terrible and as a result no one really spoke to me. Then the site showed me a girl who was studying abroad and lived locally, we met up and became friends. Long story short we are now dating and my Japanese is slowly improving (at least she tells me it is). Oh my japan it different to most language help sites they really to live up to their motto... learn Japanese and make lifelong friends, you just need to give it time to find the right friend :). I now highly recommend this site to anyone who wants to learn!


I have really enjoyed the last 3 months or so since I joined Oh My Japan! I have been talking to a wonderful person from Japan and he has helped widen my knowledge and understanding so much. I fell in love with Japan by watching anime, but there is only so much that you can learn from simply seeing something and then researching it. Hearing about life in Japan from someone who actually lives there, hearing about his day-to-day life, the holidays, and different events gives you a better inside understanding, rather than just reading about it on some website. The information you find on websites is really meant to give you the basic overview, but though Oh My Japan, I have been able to gain an in-depth knowledge of the Japanese culture, and not just the clean cut version that some website will give you.


i have had a very interesting experience on ‘Oh My Japan‘ website

i had problems making new friends at first but through my determination and love of the japanese people i kept trying and have met such interesting people and have also met someone special !

i would never imagine that i would find such nice people here, of those that reply ;)

i would like to thank Oh My Japan staff for making this website for helping people like me who dream of finding a japanese friend ..... girlfriend ...... and hopefully a wife

please keep up the good work

Thank You


It's been incredible so far. This is an awesome platform to be in touch with the Japanese. I feel fortunate to have come across this website. It's amazing.


This site is really amazing you guys don't have idea of how many Japanese friends I've got because of it. I always searched a place to meet Japanese people, but I never had any luck until I came here to OhMyJapan. I've met so many amazing people, and have made a lot of friends and have learned about Japanese culture, about Japan, Japanese food, and much more. It's really amazing and I really hope that I can keep doing more and more friends.


On my first day, I already got a reply from a very nice person living in Japan. Until today we still text each other and exchange interesting stories, especially about the difference in our working culture.


AWESOME!!! Thank you!!! Too many of these "Get a half naked japanese girl" sites. It took me 4 websites to find one for honest people looking for people from other countries. Your site is Great. I wish I had some suggestions but the signup was easy and I am really hoping you do well!!! Bless you for your hard work!!!

Andrew B.

I just want to thank you because this web site is very good and easy to find friends from japan :)

Ömer Furkan

I met a wonderful friend who is helping me go to japan, thank you so much for this free website :)


Hi there,

So i have been dating this nice girl for about 3-4 months. We already went on different places with nice activities.. dinning, lunch, karaoke, beach, movies in theaters and so on! This time we have made a plan for a day long trip far away from Tokyo. I always wanted to hang out with a Japanese girl who will be kind to me and help me learn about the culture. She also helps me with the language. ohmyjapan definitely helped me find out what i was actually looking for. I am greatly thankful for that.

Yeah that's all for now!

SomeOneLucky :D

Hi :)

Yeah, forgive me my english is bad. Actually, I want to tell you guys many things.

My first impression for this site: great! you guys has removed far distance to Japan!

I have found my Japanese friend, 2 months ago, and we're still good until today.

She teach me many things about Japan, and we decided to exchange our social media account. She was showed me many picture of Japanese daily life. Its first time I believe that I was communicated with real Japanese people.

And proved that Japanese are very kind and enjoyable people, beside their working spirit and efficiency.

Yeah, that's all I can say. Hope you guys keep support this site.


I definitely gained a new friend on here. We began sending messages to each other and became friends quickly. It's been around a year now and our friendship has gotten stronger. She actually helped me learn how to speak Japanese better and, in return, I helped her with her English. Since I don't know how to write in Japanese she's kinda forced to write in English, which she has really improved on. I feel like our friendship is going to last a long time because we just have a strong connection. I'm really glad I joined this website, because I don't think I would have ever known her if I hadn't.


I like Oh My Japan just the way it is. It is safe and simple, talk to who are nice, block who are not. Friendly conversations and no pressure to reply if you don't want to. It's early yet but I am pleased as I haven't met any sinister people on here for things other than Friendship/Relationship. I thank you for creating Oh My Japan the way it is. Arigatou! :)


this place is awesome but the whole signup is a little long but I understand and I like the honesty you are upholding so I give 10 stars out of 10


I actually found love...he's from Japan..were getting stronger as of now...he visits me in my country - Philippines.. For the last two months and he plans to visit me again...he told me he enjoyed the trip even was just a week...I am very thankful also I meet this amazing man...Thanks to this website... More power to all those people who will find true love.


I've not had a chance to form a band again in quite some years since the last time I tried and this site had allowed me to meet someone who became a close friend in a matter of a month or two. Friendship can happen instantly in my book. And this experience is one of many proofs I have of this fact.

I just may star in his first song he uploads to the web, and I just may help~ OhMyJapan is the greatest.

Oniharu Yuzuki

Oh My Japan helped me to get a different window through Japan. I found some friends from Japan and had really enjoyable conversations. Luckyly i became a close friend with one and she even visited my country. Meeting face to face is totally different experience. I'm glad to have not only a friend from Japan learning the culture and the language, but also a perfect trustworthy guide, an alternative door to knock when you go to Japan. :)


I am not the only person who is daydreaming of coming to visit Japan or live permanently. Since I was only daydreaming, I browsed thru Google looking for Japanese Nationals who wanted to learn or hone their English language and I was directed into OMJ. I thought this was purely a "dating site" just like the others, I was a bit hesitant being a mother and a happily married woman. I was pretty surprised when I found someone who wanted to improve her English skills. And so we ended up exchanging messages and to cut our long story short, she has now become my regular English Student and a very good friend.

I wish to thank OMJ for putting up such a very nice website not only for dating, gaining friends, learning and studying but connecting all nationality to be united into one purpose. To share life's happiness regardless of what language they speak.

More power and I look forward to visiting Japan soon.

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