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Oh My Japan will end service on December 23, 2022.

One unique feature of Oh My Japan is the Kokuhaku button.

Kokuhaku is the Japanese word for telling someone that you have feelings for them. On Oh My Japan, pressing the Kokuhaku button will let everyone on the website know that you are now dating the person whose Kokuhaku button you press. (After they confirm, of course.)

When should I press the Kokuhaku button?

The Kokuhaku button is not the way to ask someone out on a date. Sometimes first dates go well and other times they don't; if the date doesn't go so well, you probably don't want to tell everyone on the site about it.

Instead, the Kokuhaku button is once you've had several dates with someone and you'd like to keep dating them-- exclusively. For this reason, when both of you press the Kokuhaku button, your Romance Info will disappear and it will clearly state that you are in a relationship with the other person on your profile. This message will remain on your profile until (if) one of you indicates otherwise, at which point it will be marked cancelled.

Pressing the Kokuhaku button is a chance for you to show everyone that you are crazy and serious about someone you met on this site. Please think carefully about your feelings and your relationship before pressing this button!

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