Send extra messages during Tanabata

Written by Patrick K
Last updated: July 7, 2014

Tanabata (July 7) 2014 marks the two-year anniversary of Oh My Japan. We chose the date of Tanabata because of its significance as a Japanese holiday about the connections between people [(Wikipedia entry on Tanabata)](

As part of the celebration, Oh My Japan is allowing all members who have completed their profiles to send messages to two new people per day until July 14 (normally, members can only send messages to two new people per week unless they have a paid account).

We hope you are able to make long-lasting connections with Japanese people during this week that will continue for years and years!

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Patrick is the Director of R&D at Oh My Japan. He hopes to make OMJ the best site on the Internet for English and Japanese speakers to connect with one another.

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