Oh My Japan Now Five Years Old

Written by Patrick K
Last updated: July 7, 2017

On July 7, 2012, Oh My Japan was opened to the public. We chose the date of Tanabata because of its significance as a Japanese holiday about the connections between people (Wikipedia entry on Tanabata).

Five years ago, we started with just one member; today, more than 46,000 people have joined the site, and nearly half a million messages have been exchanged. Take a look at how our membership has changed over time.

YearMembersMessages sent

Oh My Japan is an interesting site because it offers both language exchange and dating, together OR separate-- you decide what you are looking for, and the search options reflect your choice.

As a result of this philosophy, our members are more serious about both romance and study.

As Oh My Japan continues to grow, the site has become a target for con artists and romance scammers. To prevent such scams, this year we strengthened our numerous anti-fraud systems, and we also introduced phone number verification.

Going forward, we will continue to enhance our phone number verification process, and we will also make the site more usable on mobile devices.

Thank you for choosing Oh My Japan, and please let us know if you have any suggestions.

About the Author


Patrick is the Director of R&D at Oh My Japan. He hopes to make OMJ the best site on the Internet for English and Japanese speakers to connect with one another.

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