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Written by Patrick K
Last updated: October 31, 2013

Oh My Japan is proud to announce a new feature that allows you to find Japanese friends more easily.

As the number of members on the site has grown rapidly in recent months, it has become more difficult to find Japanese people due to the large number of members.

For this reason, as of today, the member search pages now include an option to show only people of Japanese (or non-Japanese) nationality.

We hope this makes it even easier for you to find the kind of people who you are looking for on Oh My Japan.

Oh My Japan is and will continue to be open to people from every country. However, since the focus of the site is Japan, and most of our non-Japanese members are looking specifically for Japanese friends, we decided to add this option.

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Patrick is the Director of R&D at Oh My Japan. He hopes to make OMJ the best site on the Internet for English and Japanese speakers to connect with one another.

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