Check your unread and no-reply messages more easily

Written by Patrick K
Last updated: May 31, 2015
Because most members take a lot of time to write thoughtful first messages on Oh My Japan, we encourage members to read and reply to as many messages as possible. To make reading and replying even more convenient, we have added two new ways to check your messages: the “unread messages” list and the “messages you have not replied to” list. Both of these lists can be accessed from the Messages page.

Why read and reply to messages?

Since other members can see the number of unread messages you have when they view your profile, to get more messages, make sure to read all the messages you receive. Also, when viewing your profile, other members can check your reply rate. To increase your reply rate, reply to each person who sends you a message at least once. Members who have a 100% reply rate are featured in a special search. If a member sends you an inappropriate or rude message, you can block the member instead of replying. Blocking is also counted as a reply.

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Patrick is the Director of R&D at Oh My Japan. He hopes to make OMJ the best site on the Internet for English and Japanese speakers to connect with one another.

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