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Posted by Patrick K on October 11, 2013

Today, Oh My Japan is happy to announce the launch of our most-requested feature: an easier way to quickly select multiple hobbies and interests.

We know that it was very time-consuming for members who had many interests to use our old system, since each item had to be selected one-by-one.

The new system allows you to quickly check a box for each applicable hobby or interest. We are always trying to make Oh My Japan easier to use and welcome feedback from our members.

Posted by Patrick K on October 4, 2013

Oh My Japan teacher profiles are now divided between professional teachers (those who charge a fee) and volunteer teachers (those who teach for free).

When searching for teachers online, you can now easily limit your search to only professional or only volunteer teachers.

When I started this site, I imagined that all teachers would be professionals. However, over the past year, many people who do not want to do language exchange but do want to teach their mother tongue to non-native speakers as a hobby have joined Oh My Japan.

Posted by Patrick K on September 28, 2013

Oh My Japan has released a new feature that allows members to log in more easily when they receive messages.

When you receive a message on Oh My Japan, you are notified via e-mail. This e-mail now contains a one-time login link, so you can simply click the link in the e-mail to automatically log in to Oh My Japan and read your message(s).

Allowing you to log in via e-mail is reasonably secure because the system works in the same manner as password reset requests.

Posted by Patrick K on July 7, 2013
On July 7, 2012, Oh My Japan was opened to the public. We chose the date of Tanabata because of its significance as a Japanese holiday about the connections between people (Wikipedia entry on Tanabata). We started with a single member, and today, one year later, we have more than 1,000. In the past 12 months: * More than 1,000 people have completed their profiles. * More than 4,000 messages have been exchanged. * Many members have told me that they have made new friends, taken trips, and found dates on the site.
Posted by Patrick K on June 16, 2013

Starting today, each member's message reply rate will be displayed on his or her profile.

Now, when you visit a member's profile, you can quickly check the following information:

* How many messages the member has received but not read (the No. of unread messages)
* How often the member has replied to messages he or she has received (the message reply rate)

Also, to reward members who reply to all messages they receive, we have introduced a special search page that shows only those members who have a reply rate of 100%.

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